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The Diva vision is not only to provide reliable, fast and affordable transcription services to clients, but to also have a service that is able to give something back to the people working in it – the Divas!

Who is a Transcription Job for?

Be the fact that you get to work from home, in the hours that you wish, like short commutes, like to wear a dressing gown at work or you just want to be a Diva. Then a Transcription Job at the ‘diva-dom’ could be you!!

We have all sorts of Divas working for us, but what they all have in common is a love for life, can deliver on time, like to get things right, and realize that over delivering to a client – secures the ‘diva-dom’ for everyone.

How much do we pay a Transcriptionist?

Our rates are aimed at beating the average hourly rate for a medical transcriptionists working in the USA.  For more info about Diva pay rates: Transcribing from Home.


To be considered for the Divadom, please fill in the form below.


If you are approved by Human Resources, we will be in contact for a phone interview

Our standards have to be high to ensure that we deliver the 200%  Guarantee to Clients and your standards have to be high – so we can achieve our standards. It is a a two way relationship. We are really looking for Divas who can express that they can make this two way relationship work to a very high degree. We look forward to hearing from you.

Transcript Divas Freelance Typist Application

PLEASE NOTE: The Diva-dom gets 15-20 applications a day for openings. So we can ONLY CONTACT applicants we are looking at taking to the next stage of the process. Good Luck :)
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